Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog!

Writing that first post is always so hard to do. Even for someone who’s written a few. I don’t want to waffle on, though I’ve a habit of doing that I know! It’s actually really late now too -taken me awhile to sort out this blog-so all the things I was busy thinking about before to write my first post on, have sort of gone out of my head a little, so I’m going to make this short and come back to it later.

So, this blog is to replace well I say that-a blog run by my uni who I use to write for. I lost my job last week and I knew the only way to bounce back from it was to start a new blog. I’ve seen realised how much more freedom I’ll now have, so beware of crazy thoughts, possible moaning, random discussions and just general waffle about junk, that might appear on this blog soon enough. I’ve decided officially now though, that this blog will be the sister to my main blog which is http://hailscrazyblog.blogspot.com/ That blog tends to be more a diary like space. Whilst I plan to make this blog, more sort of like my uni blog only with a more rebel attitude. It’s going to be interesting to see how that’ll turn out. 🙂

Maybe, I should write about myself now….

Okay here’s a recent photo of me.

I’m a writer and no I’m not just saying that. I’ve been writing since I was little and my first novel was written aged 12. Since then I’ve been hooked on writing novels! The first one was based on an R.L.Stein novel called Camp Nightmare and from that came a series of six books about teenagers at a Gothic summer camp. Then I got writer’s block and couldn’t physically write any more. I don’t remember how I got out of it, but I started writing animal and fantasy stories. Then in college, after filling so many notebooks with ideas, I decided to write my first vampire novel. Since then that’s what I specialize in writing – vampires. (I’ll tell you a bit about them later) I wrote a trilogy in college and a few other short stories. Then I decided to go and do a BA Hons in Creative Writing and English Lit at uni. That was life changing! I wrote and read so much, but I also wrote another trilogy, though I’m currently still writing the third book. I then decided to go back and do a Masters in Creative Writing. I’m really enjoying it and have got another novel in the pipeline.

So yeah, I write and read a lot! It comes second nature to me now though and sometimes writing can get a bit addictive. Sometimes it sort of fills like a drug you can get high on and I’ve to get my fix or else all hell will break loose. (Not that I’ve never done anything like that, but its the best way to describe to.) Let’s see….Okay, I’m also a student guide for my uni still and I’m currently working in my local RSPCA charity shop – more on that soon too.- I’m a massive heavy metal and rock fan. Iron Maiden are my favourite band. There’s just something about metal that helps me write, I get inspired by lyrics and the actually music. I’m always listening to music, silence bugs me and it does district because you end up listening out for every little thing.

Right I think that’ll do for now. I’ll be back soon though. I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow for Halloween shopping trip and to go to my Monday evening lecture.