Love On The Internet

I think the internet is now a fact of life. It seems very difficult to escape from it completely. Yeah, there are still places out there that struggle with getting a connection, but how long till that’s fixed and you could get online anywhere? I can still actually remember the first time I went online, It was about 1999, seems so far away that now! I was at highschool, my first year and someone in my tutor group introduced me to the World Wide Web. Of course it looked slightly different back then and I can’t recall the first websites I wondered my mouse over, but I think I was hooked straight away!

You have to admit though that everything is pretty much happening on the internet. There’s just so much you can access without leaving your house and so much knowledge not all of it true or good though-out there. Movies, music and books are much more accessible too now and with everyone running around with mobiles, Kindles, Ipad and Ipods etc, there is no escaping the draw of technology and the internet. I am also finding that social networking sites seem to be slowly taking over.

For the last few months I have been saying that joining Facebook was one of the worst things I’ve done during my time at university. The reason why I joined was to keep in connect with people I meet at uni, especially the American friends I made. It just hasn’t worked out like that though. I hardly speak to anyone on FB now, I find that texting is faster and as for updating my statue? Does the whole world really want to know what I’ve been doing? Same issue I’ve got on Twitter-everyone seems to be on there too now! It is nice to see what people have been up to though and I do enjoy showing my photos off, beside from that though, the whole social networking is slowly loosing me.

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One thing that I have been keeping up with is my online dating site. I’ve been on there a few months now and its my first ever time at trying to meet guys online. I’m too much of a traditionalist though and for me actually finding love online just seems too far away from the fantasy I’ve in my head. Saying that though I’ve been enjoying it. I’m a big one for chatting to people online though, I just find it easier to talk to people this way then face to face. I think the whole barrier of a screen and having that level of protection is the course of it. That said though and to actually get on with my post title, I meet up with a guy today I meet on the dating website.

This is the 3rd guy I’ve met and I was the first person he’d meet up with from the online world. I think that really only people who have actually done this will fully understand what I’m about to go on about. It is a proven fact that some people you meet online can’t actually be that person, but are someone else. Photos and profiles are so easy to make up and people have got good at ‘pretending’ and ‘playing the field.’ So actually getting to build trust online is a difficult thing. How can you be sure that the person you are talking to is actually who they say there are? I’ve no answer to that, but here’s how I do it.

When guys message me, I only message back the ones I actually talk to and then for me the chatting as to go for two months plus. This gives me time to gain lots of info about the person I’m talking too and I learn about their moods too by their use of language. often by this time the chat is moved places to MSN and we’ve added each other on FB. I very rarely give my number out unless I decided to arrange a meet up. Public places are the best and actually arranging what you are going to do together is also useful.

So, I guess you want to hear about my date now? It went really well I think, I was able to connect with the guy and we had some good conversations. We went to the Manchester Art Gallery and I so want to go back there again and look more closely at some of the paintings. We had lunch and Starbucks too. I am still sticking by my rule though friends first, because it just makes it easier and for me there’s less stress involved and less of the seeking to be perfect. Being yourself is highly important and I know that first impressions do affect people’s’ choices. Will I see him again? I hope so.

Image Detail(Manchester Art Gallery)


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