Woodland Adventure

This is a follow on from my last post really. Today I went to the woods and took some more photos of the tree art. So this is my dog Patch, making herself a part of the art work. I know it’s not a right good photo, but the problem with Patch is that unless she’s asleep, she’s too wiggly to capture in a pose photo. Sindy can just about do it, but these two are so full of energy that getting them to do anything for even a few minutes is almost impossible!

I decided to check out the other side of the tree trunk, since I didn’t see it last time. It’s actually pretty good. This elephant is pretty awesome. I love how the trunk is made out of a root!

Then there’s this one. I know the photo is a bit blurry! But still, this is great for fans of mushrooms and Mario!

So the tree trunk is still brighting up what is now becoming a dull place. I still like going to the woods though. Watching Patch and Sindy chase each other through the undergrowth and trees just makes me smile. They always seem to be so happy. Being around nature helps to clear my head too. I’ve not been so good lately. I had some bad news and I’ve been a bit spaced out, I guess you would call it. I seem to have lost my focus on everything and though I’ve not been questioning myself, I’ve been wondering far too deeply about things.

Writing helps. It feels like a safety net or a close friend sometimes. I know there are places in my head that I can go to, ideas and daydreams that I can bring to life and make myself apart of. And if I don’t want to do that, there is always my current novel to be writing. This one I’ve got open right now, is actually one that I’ve been writing on and off for a while now. I don’t want to say its bad writing, but its a novel that I started with no real intension to finish. I had this one idea two vampires on a train and that was all. So, I started writing it and now I’ve a 100 pages of this strange novel. I know it’s not right good, but it has become more a space into which I can disappear for a while.

A few of my regular readers might have heard about it before. The novel is written in a post-modern, apocolptic, ScFi style. A lot of stuff and a lot of characters in different situations is happening all the time. These characters are connected, how that is though and how they come to the knowledge of it is part of the story. When I first started writing it though, I set myself some rules. Normally, you just write and let whatever it is out. I wanted to different this time, so I created a novel in which the writer-me! and the readers are separated from the book. It is never clear what is actually going on and non of the characters can be trusted. So yeah, what happens because of this is that the reader has to work hard and figure stuff out all the time. I don’t keep notes or make plotlines. I just let the characters tell me the story when I came to write it next. That though, means I’ve to re-read the novel all the time! It’s good though, because it gets me thinking too and it’s useful to remember where all my characters were up too. So that’s my current novel.

And someone just poked me on Facebook and now I’ve lost my train of thought….It’s gone….Anyway, think I’ve mused enough. It’s time to see how much more I can write. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Woodland Adventure

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