Fleeting Time!

Hi, I’ve got no pics today (Beside from the poppy ones. see below) I’ve not been out and about with my camera recently. I’ve been busy reading and writing. Well, I think I’ve been. Time is just going so fast I’m losing it. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time! I’ve not been well lately and all the traveling to uni is catching up with me.

So what I’ve been doing this last week then? Well, I finished Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite and started reading The First Five pages by Noah Lukeman, which is a non-fiction book about publishing stuff and actually getting out of the slush pile the rubbish pile where all the unknown writers go. It is a good book and I’m finding it useful. I actually just submitting a short story thanks to it. I got a first on the story two years ago, but I decided to make it a bit longer for the submission. So I’ve been doing that today. Of course I’ll let you know what happens as soon as I do!

I worked at the charity shop Saturday afternoon and Friday too. I do really like it there and meeting new people, but I’m getting bored. I need to be more challenged then I am being. I need to do more stuff and it seems there’s not a lot left to learn now. So I don’t know how much longer I’m going to stay there. The problem will be though, where will I go instead? I like getting out of the house and doing something, and that fits in well. There are other charity shops, but I’d be doing the same stuff as now. So maybe, I should look around and see what else is out there?

Something I do look into was starting a Creative Writing group at my local community centre. I am not so sure though, because I’ve not really ‘taught’ before and I could be trying to teach anyone! I guess this would be a great place to start though. It’s free and I don’t need to prove anything, so yeah, it might be good to just get over my fear and take the leap. Scary for me because it’s not in my nature to be like that. I love my comfit zone!

So there was that and I’ve been writing my novel. Though I need to switch and look at one I’m actually going to submit for uni work now. I must get writing that soon. I’m really liking it though. I get to be a full-time writer and I should be just writing and reading all the time. I know I’m not at the minute, I think I’m still struggling to realize that I can do such a thing! But yeah, hopefully I’ll now get into that. Got two essays to write!

I watched some movies, there was secondhand lions, Armageddon, Ice Age 3 -which was tonight- and I watch Wingless Bird too. I caught up with Misfits and that’s really good and funny. I’ve been trying to watch The Fades too, but they’re not online yet. I’m trying not to watch random TV, but its too big a draw!

So that’s the past and present, what about the future? Well, I’m off to Liverpool for a catch up with my friend before going to uni. I need to email some writers about their websites for my project too. My essay on Tuesday and then Wednesday, I’ve my support session and uni again. Then It’s thursday and I’ve the day to spend reading and writing. Then Friday and I’m back to uni to spend the night with my other friend so that on Saturday I can be up at 8am for the start of an Open Day. After that I’m not sure as the plans are still being made. But yeah, It’s a packed week already!

Oh, the news has just reminded me what I was going to say! It’s remembrance Day today. I watched the parade in London this morning. I think it’s really good that we still have an offical day to remember everyone who’d been killed in action. It’s important to remember all those other people took part too because they helped just as much. My grandparents where in the war. My nana helped make bullets and my granddad was a desert rat. I wish I’d had more time to talk to them about their experiences. The two world wars have always fascinated me. I’m not sure why, they just sort of do…..So I got a poppy to show my support.

And I think that’s it. Been a very musing post that has, but hey that’s what this blog is all about!


17 thoughts on “Fleeting Time!

  1. “The First Five Pages” is a very insightful read; definitely opened my eyes to the problems of the slush-pile. Well done for wearing your poppy; it’s a tradition we should never lose.

    Take care.

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