Writing Every Day

Hi readers,

Just been sorting out what seemed to be a glitch on my last post, so had to take down two photos- not sure if the size of them was the problem-and delete part of my last post. Hopefully this one will turn out okay now! I was reading yesterday during my research into my writer’s websites project that I should be writing every day on my blog- time ect permitting. So I thought I’d give it ago! Though my other blog has now become badly neglected, so I’ll have to update that after this. Though I’m struggling for time to write my 4,000 words in now, but I did 155 yesterday for an introduction and today I’ve got my Ipod, so I can block out the world with music and disappear into the world of writing.

I was also thinking that maybe I need to start writing this blog a bit like my diary only with a bit more closer!! Not sure how that’ll go or if it’ll be interesting enough for a blog, but this page is about musing so yeah. So, I’m sitting in a leather arm-chair, in the once dining room now turned pc/study/craft/dumping space room. This chair use to be in the living room with its friend, but it was in the place we normally put the Xmas tree up in, so it got moved to this room and swapped with a tatty desk chair. There’s nothing really special about this arm-chair, but it did belong to my uncle who passed away almost a year ago now. My mum decided to save the two seater sofa and the two arm chairs and use them until she brought a corner sofa. There’s actually no sign of that yet, but I can’t help but wonder where this arm-chair will end up in the future, since the plan was to give them to one of the furniture chairty shops down the road.

Random, but it’s the little things like that thinking that seems to be in the building of writers. The wondering, not just about furniture and things, but about people, who are they? where are they going? what are their lives like? There’s so many people out there and just from a few minutes watching say in a cafe or shop, so much can be learned. People watching is one of the building tools too. Moving on one of the recent things I’ve found out as that I like making up stories based around the lyrics in the music I listen too. Strange to think that all songs are actually stories. They tell the world about a range of emotions and happenings. For example…. Offspring’s Hit That might not be a good one though…shuffle on Ipod can’t be trusted to play a good song when you need one! But yeah, you get my meaning.

Oh that was the other thing I was going to write! I’m sit opposite a window and I have this habit of writing about the weather. Not sure way that comes from, maybe it’s just a British thing! Anyway today the sky is grey, through the clouds don’t look like rain ones, but it has been drizzling a bit. I’m never keen on the Winter season, everything being so dull and dark. Most people think that because I’ve a love for dark things/horror/gothic ect that I like the darkness. But truthfully, I don’t. Everything feels dead right now and cold, there’s hardly any colour left in the world and its get you thinking about bleakness. That’s why I like Spring and Autumn, because so much is happening and the world is full of colour and noise if only you look and listen. I can just about get through summer, though the heat does me in and the endless days making my sleep pattern go crazy.

I’ve a really cool but creepy photo to end on, but I need to go and see if I can fix the colour contrast first. This was taken last night and it looks as if it’s coming straight out of a horror film – the full yellow moon rising over the church tower, though it could just as easily be the tower of a castle.




9 thoughts on “Writing Every Day

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