I can’t believe it’s a blue sky today with the sun out and shinning. It still feels cold though and the weatherforcast says it’ll get colder at the weekend, so has winter finally decided to show its face some more? Compared to last year, it’s not been so bad and at least we’ve only had one flurry of snow back in December, but that didn’t stick around long. I know there’s still a whole month to go yet and though that child part of me really wants there to be snow, because come on what is better than getting up in the morning and seeing the world snuggled under a blanket of fluffy white stuff? The adult part of me though is dreading the traveling to uni- buses and trains cancelled, freezing seats- if you can even get one and walking though the streets too. So yeah, if not snows then it’s best of being only mild.

Going to keep my post short today anyway. Not feeling very well and as of yet I still don’t know what it is, a stomach bug, an ear infection, maybe even a stomach infection? that sounds gross and I’ll be off to the doctors if it’s still with me after the weekend. Can’t be ill for uni! So, I’m not going to write my post about ghosts as I was, but I’m going to write about two pieces of news instead.

The first is that yesterday I signed up to review books at Angry Robot Books. It looked interesting and something to put on my CV. I like reviewing stuff anyway and when it involves free books I’m so there! I’m waiting to here back from them now. I also got an interview for a higher student guide post at uni, which means I’ll be touring high schools, colleges and uni fairs and promoting the uni, so that should be fun. I’ll get paid for that too and money is always useful!

Secondly is this news report I saw this morning about a big cat in Gloucestershire. (The link is below) It’s always been said that England has, maybe, got big cats roaming around the countryside, but they don’t get seen much, so they are always looking for more evidence, so is the dead deer more prove? I’m not so sure….

Right, I’m off to write 400 words of my essay to finish it off and then well I can’t have a nap since I got up at 12pm, so I guess I’ll just chill with more Vampire Knight online.


10 thoughts on “Sunlight!

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