Stressed Out

I’d claim that I don’t get stressed very often, that writing essays and doing exams doesn’t bother me and I just get on with them. This though can be proven wrong at certain points. Like right now. It seems my bug thing can’t be anything else than stress triggered. So it looks like I need some serious de-stressing after today, for then I’ll be free of essays for a bit. I finished my last one yesterday, but still have to audits to write about what I’ve been up too as a writer. Sounds like fun, though I know I should have been up to a lot more! So in need of more motivation! At least peppermint rock cake tastes nice, hopefully that’ll help settle my stomach so I could do some work. My audits are pretty essay though just a record of everything I’ve read, watched ect and I’m listening to more calming music today – Meat Loaf. I broke the headphones on my ipod yesterday, so I need some more of them now. I almost made pancakes this morning, but decided it was just a random carving. Nothing seems to be working to break this stress, funny thing though is that I don’t actually feel stressed. I just feel ill. Better go and do some work, then I can chill some more later….maybe I need to play Bioshock or something like that…..


4 thoughts on “Stressed Out

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