I got three new fishes and a shrimp last night to add to the four I already have. This is one of the older fish playing around fake coral. The new ones seem to be settling down okay and then shrimp is amazing. All his legs are still freaking me out, but beside from that watching him swim and scuttle around is cool. I seem to be watching them lots and the tank does look better now there’s some more in there. We won’t be getting anything else now though as the tank is too small and we want the fish and the shrimp to stay happy. Taking photos of the fish is hard, but I’m getting better!



The Smell Of Books

Hi readers, I’m back writing after another break. I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping, writing, reading and traveling. I so need to start writing on here more often, but by the time I’ve done my work or written on here before, it seems I’m not much in the mood to write. I’m here now anyway and yeah I probably should be sleeping, but my body clock is messed up so my bed time is more like 2/3 am at the minute. That’s only an hour difference now from my normal time. I so need to get up before 11 tomorrow! But I always tell myself there’s not much point for there’s never anything on TV until later and my brain won’t turn to reading and writing until the mid-afternoon! Lacking in Motivation is no fun.
So, I need some motivation and that comes in the form of books! Frankly, for book lovers there is nothing like going into a book shop old or new and spending a few hours roaming the shelves and books. I love picking up random books with interesting titles and covers, sitting in massive, comfy second-hand arm chairs and flipping though them. I have a habit of picking the books discarded on coffee tables too. They are abandoned by people who at first glance think they might be good and then on actually view decided it’s not for them. Or and I think this does happen; staff and owners leave books laying around to catch the eyes of people. I guess everyone has done it really, found a book on a table and decided to buy it. There’s something about it though!
One of the other things that’s now very popular is ordering books online and I get the same feeling as receiving a massive box from Amazon as I do when buying books in a shop. I just love it, even though I know what the books are in the boxes, just sitting there and opening the box and then pulling out all the books, one after the other and inspecting them. The smell of new books is just so amazing, I don’t think-unless you go into a forest or wood shop- that there’s another smell close to that of new paper printed on and bound together. Flicking through the pages and hearing that crisp, crinkling sound come up is just music to my ears. The weight too is important and there is just something about holding a large heavy book in your hands. Then there’s the added pleasure of adding new books to your collection, reordering and arranging, finding space to squeeze them all together.

The Smell Of Books Con

I know that most people believe that Kindle and reading books on electronica devices is the future.  For; it is light and small so can go anyway happily, it can store 3,000 plus odd books of any size, out of print books and specialized books are only a few clicks away and you can get as many books as you want at another click. On most devices you can now use tools whilst you read, so you can highlight parts, add notes, share these notes with the world if you want, change the size of the texted or whatever. I can see why people believe in them and why so many people have them, but I don’t want one. That coming from a book lover sounds a bit wrong, for who would turn down the chance to have 3,000 plus books fitting into your pocket and being the weight of a feather? Well, my reasonings are clear above the smell and feel of books gets my excited. The smell and feel of a electronic device does not.
The reading of books is another thing and I know that this is changing. All of the time on my train trips to uni I see people reading from devices, but for me I just can’t do it. I can’t forces on screens for long, including computers, tv and phones. I get headaches and sore eyes and my mind has a habit of giving up and wondering off. I doubt I’d even be able to read my favourite novel off a screen because of this. For me, I have to read from paper. I have to be able to rub the pages between my fingers and turn over pages. I find I’m comforted by books and their phyical presence. Technology doesn’t do that. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t enjoying being without my laptop and phone. In fact the only time I do is when I’m camping as then I go with out electricity. (That’s another story) It’ll be awhile then till I actually try to use a device to read a book on and though this might be the future, I think the book in its classic form will still be around because there is just something about. Something that people can’t lay their fingers on and we are still addicted to them.


I know this post is big already and to save my musings as last time WordPress deleted it, I’ve pre-published the above section. I wanted to write an update so here it is! Today I finished off being trained for my new job as a student ambassador. I can now go to UCAS and HE fairs to promote the uni to new students. That’s fun and scary at the the same time. I get to travel the country too, see different places and meet new people, so yeah I’m looking forward to my first one in March. I also got fish! Four Cloudy Minnows and they are now happily swimming around their new home -pic at the end- tomorrow I’m going to get Gold minnows and a shrimp. I love my fish and have spent ages watching them. Looking forward to some more tomorrow. Lastly, it’s my mum’s 50th birthday a week today and I got her this cute Pocket Dragon from eBay. He’s called I smell chocolate and the expression on his face just says it all really. The guy who made Pocket Dragons, for he’s now retired, is called Real and he’s so captured the expression perfectly on this little guys face. He looks so like he can smell chocolate in the air and I just love him.

Snow day!

Hey everyone!

Winter finally decided to show its face after being mild for the last two months. It started lunch time yesterday with a light flurry of snow. I was shopping with my mum and she had told me not to bother with my hat because it wasn’t meant to snow until later. Shopping done, we walked into a world of white in the car park! The snow just kept falling and heavily. Until it looked like this after it had stopped sometime in the night. I took this photo before going to sleep last night. In fact I should be out there right now taking photos but I’ve got a job interview tomorrow and I need to write more of my novel for workshopping Wednesday! (More on those soon.)

The snow actually has started melting now and we’re not meant to be getting any more, though I heard they will in London! I think it’ll stick around for the next few days though as it iced over last night and the weather forecast says there’ll be freezing fog tonight. I do like the snow though because it makes everything like pretty. Don’t think I’ll be saying that tomorrow though! I’ve to get to uni, a 3 hour journey on public transport. They say the roads and railways are okay, so hopefully I’ll make it! Going to set off as early as possible though just to make sure. I don’t know how bad the snow is in Liverpool, but I guess around the same as in Manchester.

I think there’s just something about snow in countries that only get it at one time of the year. Its wrapped up in that magic of Christmas really though. I woke this morning to screams of excited kids and the sound of sleds heading for the back field or the woods. My dad said our dogs really liked it. Sindy was rolling around and Patch was sniffing it- not really the best thing to do with snow! The love the sound of crunching over snow too, that crisp, cracking sound, so awesome!



Right I just wrote a load and it deleted it!!!!!!

Not got the time to write all again now, that was so unbelievable.

I got an interview for student ambassander and it means I’ll be traveling around the country promoting the uni to new students. So that’ll be fun. Problem is I’m not so good at remembering facts so I’m hoping it’ll be my experience and other skills that get me through.

I’ve also got a workshop on Wednesday, so I need to write more of my novel for that. I’m having problems with character development right now though, so need to deal with that. I’ve also got Gena Showalter’s Novel The Darkness Kiss to finish reading, its the second in the Lords Of The Underworld series, its really good. Makes a change for uni books! I owe the LRC 50p for an overdue one now!

I also should have got fish today, but because of the weather the tank I got for Xmas is still empty. I’m hoping to get minnows and a shrimp, hopefully next week now!

Fantasy writing

Got an interesting topic for today and yeah I know I’ve not been writing again, but I’ve been busy working on two different novels. I’m going to write about my second one today and its a fantasy/paranormal one. It’s still different from my normal writing really (often is horror/vampires/romance) but I do have a small love for fantasy though I’m not big on ScFi. This story is different because it has its roots in the Japan manga Bleach and though it doesn’t take any elements for it really, its about Soul Reapers -I don’t call them that, but its easier to explain it using that term. With all my stories I’ve no idea what’s going to happen! I’ll be showing it in workshop too on Monday and I’m not sure how people are going to react.

I know how difficult it can be for writers to break away from the genre/subjects they like to write about. It’s important to do so though, because it just expenses your skills and gives you another area in which to write about. Fantasy for me is all about escaping in an extreme way, going to different worlds and stuff. I like to think it can go as far as the writers imagination can, but its no easy task creating whole new worlds, new cultures, peoples, animals and plants! Making them believable can be even harder. Novels like Lord Of the Rings, Discworld and the ones based in the world of Warhammer are my inspiration. I take what I know from this novels, lay down roots with them and create/build upon. This allows a much more better development then doing it from scratch. Plus it gives you the change to great new twists and ideas.

My new story is more paranormal then those though and is more about spirits and ghosts based on earth with there being connecting realms were spirits live. Like I said though, it might become more fantasy like as I go on. I wouldn’t say that fantasy writing is for every writer, but it is often worth having a bash at, just to see what happens and best of all it can be a lot of fun!