Snow day!

Hey everyone!

Winter finally decided to show its face after being mild for the last two months. It started lunch time yesterday with a light flurry of snow. I was shopping with my mum and she had told me not to bother with my hat because it wasn’t meant to snow until later. Shopping done, we walked into a world of white in the car park! The snow just kept falling and heavily. Until it looked like this after it had stopped sometime in the night. I took this photo before going to sleep last night. In fact I should be out there right now taking photos but I’ve got a job interview tomorrow and I need to write more of my novel for workshopping Wednesday! (More on those soon.)

The snow actually has started melting now and we’re not meant to be getting any more, though I heard they will in London! I think it’ll stick around for the next few days though as it iced over last night and the weather forecast says there’ll be freezing fog tonight. I do like the snow though because it makes everything like pretty. Don’t think I’ll be saying that tomorrow though! I’ve to get to uni, a 3 hour journey on public transport. They say the roads and railways are okay, so hopefully I’ll make it! Going to set off as early as possible though just to make sure. I don’t know how bad the snow is in Liverpool, but I guess around the same as in Manchester.

I think there’s just something about snow in countries that only get it at one time of the year. Its wrapped up in that magic of Christmas really though. I woke this morning to screams of excited kids and the sound of sleds heading for the back field or the woods. My dad said our dogs really liked it. Sindy was rolling around and Patch was sniffing it- not really the best thing to do with snow! The love the sound of crunching over snow too, that crisp, cracking sound, so awesome!



Right I just wrote a load and it deleted it!!!!!!

Not got the time to write all again now, that was so unbelievable.

I got an interview for student ambassander and it means I’ll be traveling around the country promoting the uni to new students. So that’ll be fun. Problem is I’m not so good at remembering facts so I’m hoping it’ll be my experience and other skills that get me through.

I’ve also got a workshop on Wednesday, so I need to write more of my novel for that. I’m having problems with character development right now though, so need to deal with that. I’ve also got Gena Showalter’s Novel The Darkness Kiss to finish reading, its the second in the Lords Of The Underworld series, its really good. Makes a change for uni books! I owe the LRC 50p for an overdue one now!

I also should have got fish today, but because of the weather the tank I got for Xmas is still empty. I’m hoping to get minnows and a shrimp, hopefully next week now!


10 thoughts on “Snow day!

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