The Smell Of Books

Hi readers, I’m back writing after another break. I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping, writing, reading and traveling. I so need to start writing on here more often, but by the time I’ve done my work or written on here before, it seems I’m not much in the mood to write. I’m here now anyway and yeah I probably should be sleeping, but my body clock is messed up so my bed time is more like 2/3 am at the minute. That’s only an hour difference now from my normal time. I so need to get up before 11 tomorrow! But I always tell myself there’s not much point for there’s never anything on TV until later and my brain won’t turn to reading and writing until the mid-afternoon! Lacking in Motivation is no fun.
So, I need some motivation and that comes in the form of books! Frankly, for book lovers there is nothing like going into a book shop old or new and spending a few hours roaming the shelves and books. I love picking up random books with interesting titles and covers, sitting in massive, comfy second-hand arm chairs and flipping though them. I have a habit of picking the books discarded on coffee tables too. They are abandoned by people who at first glance think they might be good and then on actually view decided it’s not for them. Or and I think this does happen; staff and owners leave books laying around to catch the eyes of people. I guess everyone has done it really, found a book on a table and decided to buy it. There’s something about it though!
One of the other things that’s now very popular is ordering books online and I get the same feeling as receiving a massive box from Amazon as I do when buying books in a shop. I just love it, even though I know what the books are in the boxes, just sitting there and opening the box and then pulling out all the books, one after the other and inspecting them. The smell of new books is just so amazing, I don’t think-unless you go into a forest or wood shop- that there’s another smell close to that of new paper printed on and bound together. Flicking through the pages and hearing that crisp, crinkling sound come up is just music to my ears. The weight too is important and there is just something about holding a large heavy book in your hands. Then there’s the added pleasure of adding new books to your collection, reordering and arranging, finding space to squeeze them all together.

5 thoughts on “The Smell Of Books

  1. Salaam everyone. May Allah give peace, Love and Harmony in your lives for the NEW YEAR.

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