D&D 2: Attack!

Hey readers, this is a bit of a late post this time, but I’ve been ill and not much in a writing mood. Feeling a bit better now though, so here’s my report on my second D&D encounter.

There was less people playing this time, so we were in two groups of five and four. I didn’t have my boyfriend at my side either, so I was more in control. I didn’t mind him helping me last week, it’s great to have that support during the first game, but you can only truly learn how to do something when you take full control over it. So, it was this time around, which I’m fine with as it give me a chance to actually play my character. I still let the other players and the DM make the choices for me though! Listening to their suggests was very useful as you learn what your character can do and can’t do and those kind of actions aren’t really written down on the sheet.

I’m still struggling with the rules and the maths and I know I’m being a bit slow on the uptake of the game, but the DMs are really nice and supportive, they allow you to find your own feet and just learn at your own pace, whilst giving advice and suggestions. I know that beside from the main rules, I’m going to struggle to remember all the side ones and for me the maths is never going to stick. I’ve always been bad with numbers, but luckily the game doesn’t deal with very high numbers, its just the fast adding up and taking away that’s the main usage. All of this just comes with time and practise.

The encounter this time picked up from where we had left it- as they all do-with us entering a chamber and being attack. It was a tough battle as we had to deal with a range of goblin like related creatures, who believed we had come to in slave them. That wasn’t true, but as we didn’t speak goblin language and they were in full fight mode, it was impossible not to engage with them. By the Hand of Fate, I was the first to go and started attacking the goblins. I really wanted to move and stand behind the others though! My character is a rouge and not really built for fighting. She’s good at being sneaky, setting and discovering traps, stealing etc. However, I didn’t have much of a choice and decided it was kill or be killed! So I tried to fight the first monster and nearly died for my troubles.

Luckily, we had two healers, who were also good fighters as well as another two fighting heroes as well, so I got saved from dying twice because they were able to heal me and get my hit points up. I did get my revenge on the monsters and took out about three of them, first with my sword, then with a trip, then with a bow. I ended up deciding to move back and be out of the way because I was on the edge of dying. But, I couldn’t let the rest of my group face off the monsters, so I got my bow out, which meant I lost a move on dropping my shield and putting my sword away, but it was worth doing so really as the fight moved too far away from me to jump back into it. To save having to waste another move on putting my shield away, it was suggested that I use my athletics to kick my shield across the floor as I moved. It was a funny statement, but I decided to try it out-twice. I rolled high enough both times to kick my shield with style and make it stay at my feet so I didn’t loss it. I think it’s those random little moments that can bring some fun to the heat of a battle.

We were also luckily enough to hear reports from the other table and we quickly learnt that they were fairing badly. At the end of the battle we learnt that all the heroes had died but one. They had no healers and hadn’t been on full hit points at the start. The battle had been too much for them. Hit points can go into minus numbers and then you have three rolls to escape death and you can also use surges to heal, but only at certain points-like rest stages-The only survivor had turned out to be a goblin slave and he’d found another goblin hiding and they had run away together. It was me that spotted the same hidden goblin in my game and well after some hard questions one of the other heroes killed him by shaking him. My boyfriend’s hero had been amongst the dead so girlfriend hugs and kisses were in high demand when we had finished. He can build a new character now and has since made one which is a very great fighting machine- they call them tanks- as he’s determined not to die again. I was surprised that I survived actually!

So, I’m still loving playing D&D and supporting women gamers. I’m really hoping I’ll be okay for next week now, just need to get over this illness.

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