The Hobbit Review- There and Back Again

Hey, this review is slight different because its in video form. You can see it here;


Monthly recommendations

Hey readers,

I’m still ill with a cold, but since I’m feeling a little better I thought I’d pop on here for a few. I also had a crazy thought just before I opened the first door on my advent calander this morning – documenting the count down! So yeah, I’m going to post the photo of my first chocolate further down- within the this month’s recommendations of course. I had so many ideas for this post then, but they’ll keep just about. I haven’t been thinking about the recommendations really, guess I’ve not been up to much, so let’s see!

1. Get counting down Christmas!

 December is here and the true count down to Xmas day can start. Though it feels the count down began in October/November for most people! I heard xmas songs on the radio this morning, but last week I’d watched a countdown of 50 xmas muisc vidoes anyway. I still believe though that’s only truely xmas when the advert for coke cola appears on TV. Though I’ve seen the Holland and Barret xmas advert that I ended up watching the making of in Manchester twice now. Anyway, here is the first advent chocolate!

My plan is post this up every day now, but I doubt I’ll keep it up!

2. Book

I started reading a new book the other day, though only having read a 100 pages, I’ve decided its not the one I’m going to suggested today. Actually, I’m recommending Marget Atwood’s Lady Oracle. I really enjoyed it and suprised myself with it. I actually have meet Atwood too, at World Book Night this year in London, but I’d not actually read any of her novels. I know I’ve to study this one for my course, but sometimes that’s the best way to descover books-so is recommending them to people! I don’t think that happens enough. So, why do I like this one? Well, its about a woman who is a writer- in secert- and she has to keep re-inventing herself. Some interesting stuff happens too.

3. TV

There are two TV series that I’m currently watching, but they did start last month. The first is a new series called The Fades, which is on BBC 3 and is about ghosts and other stuff. It’s scary and a different take on the supernatural. I like it though. Secondly, there Misfits, which is now the 3rd series, but you can watch all of it on 4 demand. It’s about teenagers who get superhero powers and have a lot of misahaps! What can be more funny?

Image Detail

4. Music

Has to be something Christmasy, so my fav xmas song is The Darkness’ Time  (Don’t Let The Bells end) and of course there’s a few old classic. So yeah, be a sheep and get those xmas cds out now!

5. Food

I think that most people love cooking at xmas time. I’ve not actually been doing a lot of this lately. I made pasta bake last night and my mum is busy perfecting the Parsnip and honey soup from last month. So, I think cooking some tasty xmas treats might be in order later this month, so watch this space.

So that’s it for now, but before I go here’s a clue to what my next post is going to be about!

Monthly recommendations

This is something new I’ve decided to try for my new blog. I plan to try and give out some recommendations of stuff to listen to, read, visit, cook ect on the first day of the new month. I’m not sure if this is going to work, but I think it might be useful. Of course most of the recommendations are coming from my current activities so let’s see what’s on the list today!


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This is the book I am currently reading. Up to chapter 6 now. This is only the second book I’ve read by Brite. I love her writing style though and how she makes the simple so extreme. I went for this book as my next choice because it’s about vampires. So if you- like me-have had enough of the fairy, flimsy world of Twilight and need to get back to some real vampires doing what a vampire should do best frankly, then check out Lost Souls.


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Currently being repeated on my ipod is this! My friend got me into All Time Low – an indie band. I’m much more into my heavy metal, but having to hear indie music for the first half of this year, my interest in this kind of music is growing. This is ATL latest album, but their other one Nothing Personal is also worth checking out if you are into this kind of music.

Place to visit:

Manchester Art Galley – see my post below.


Parsnip and Honey Soup

I tried this soup out yesterday and its a perfect thing to eat whilst the cold dark nights take over. The ingredients to serve 4 people are;

1 large potato

4 parsnips

1 large onion

1 garlic

2 pints vegetable stock

1 tablespoon honey

1 carton cream

salt and pepper


Place the peeled and cubed potato and parsnips in with the chopped garlic and onion in a large pan over a medium heat with some olive oil. Cook for a few minutes

Add stock and let simmer for  30 minutes and then put in a blender and blend until smooth.

Return to the pan. Add the honey, cream and seasoning, stirring well and then simmer for a further 20 mins.

Then eat because its so awesome!

And that’s it for now. 🙂