Kindle Fire HD review; How we read books has been forever changed




Hi readers,
So finally, I get to write a post about my new kindle and other e-reader devices. I got my kindle fire HD for Christmas and felt that a blog post looking at how reading had now changed would be interesting. In a way not much research has been need to write up this post, because most of it is going to be based on my opinion and didn’t want to clouded by other peoples’ which can happen often during research. However, it also means that this post should be on the short and simple side!
I put off getting a Kindle for ages for a number of reasons. My main one was the fact that everyone seems to be staring at screens all day everyday and the pages of book make a massive difference and escape from this. To read books off a screen would be adding to this issue, but also I spend many hours in front of my computer screen typing away at my latest creative piece and the idea of them switching to another screen to read a novel never appealed to me.
When it comes to me and books, I really can’t be separated from them. I love escaping into other worlds, meeting interesting characters and joining them on their adventures. I surround myself with books because I feel safe and I know I can’t be lonely or bored with them close at hand. Parting with books is tough for me to do and often it’s more a case of passing them on to my family, because then they are still in the house! I love shopping for books and in the right mood can spend a whole day drifting from one book shop to another and buying lots of different ones. I believe that part of the reason I started writing was because of this love for books.
My first interest in e-readers was when my mum got a Kobo two years ago. I found that so many books could be got for free and so many more where only a click away. I had trouble getting use to reading off the screen though and having the light weight and slim device in my hand didn’t make me believe I was holding a book. I wasn’t taken with the Kobo, but I was interested in getting an Ipad -like so many other people- but that was far too expensive and I couldn’t come up with a really good reason why I should get one. However, the Kindle Fire did interest me and seems to suit what I’d like to use it for. So, I asked for that for Christmas.
So many doors have now opened since I started using my Kindle. I’ve been reading so many books and also re-reading some of the classics. I’ve also managed to still keep reading normal books because the pleasure that I get out of them can’t be replaced by the Kindle. However, I love the idea of being able to carry so many books around at once and to be able to buy more with just a wifi connect and a click. It still has take a long time for me to get use to reading off a screen and sometimes if I’ve not been reading anything off my Kindle for awhile, it can take me a few minutes to get back into things. After though, I get so into reading that I can forget about it.
E-readers are becoming popular for so many reasons, but the two main ones are that self-publishing has been made easier and there is access to so many books! Self-publishing has been around for ages and online publishing has also been now, but it seems that more and more people are turning their hand at publishing their creative pieces and trying to make money off doing so. This has been great for many authors and most have had books published now because of this. I bet that most of the books would have gone un-noticed by many publishers for whatever reason, which is a shame because sometimes a book does feel like it is worthy of being physically published.
On the other hand, this self-publishing route has opened up the flood gates for everyone and there’s a lot more ‘bad writing’ out there now. I’ve read a few short stories that have got me thinking about this and I know nothing can be done about it and to escape from it going to find a good book to read is needed. Most of the time though this ‘bad writing’ happens because the writer lacks the experience and knowledge. That is something that will improve with practise and time. No one can be taught how to write, they can be taught about the industry and how to do things, but writing is mostly self-taught and comes from learning about the world. So even if a book looks like it will be bad if the title and tag lines interest me, I’ll be taking a look.
The second reason is becoming hard to ignore. Electronic publishing is allowing people anywhere in the world to access a whole range of fiction and non-fiction pieces. This not only includes children and adult classic fiction and poetry, but non-fiction writings and out of print books. Students can get so many books at the touch of their fingers now and the discover of this has made me question why I didn’t have a Kindle when I took my degree! So yeah, it’s great for a whole range of people, not just normal fiction readers.
At the end of that the biggest question still reminds, will I and the rest of the world be switching out to reading electronic books instead of paper ones? Right now and in the future it seems that e-readers will not be taking over books, this is because the formatting of the paper book has been around for so long and it has never been changed in all that time. So because of this it seems it will go on forever. Whilst e-readers will help protect more trees, they need charging and put strain on the eyes. They can be lighter then heavy books though and so good on the hands and wrists, but there really is nothing like holding a physical book and finding the weight of it. Granted they also take up less space, but for a person who likes being surrounded by books, it does very little. So, I think that I shall carry on seeking a balance between reading paper and electronic books.


The Black Dagger Brotherhood- Lover Reborn Review: ‘Can his heart let go?’

I waited ages for this book to come out and then another age to actually read it! It’s the 10th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series by J R Ward. At the time I also believed it to be the last one, but then I found out at the end and also on line that there’ll shall be another one! I’ll admit though that the size of the novel and the 572 pages did seem a bit daunting at first. However, I then became lost in Ward’s Caldwell, NY with her vampire warriors and I forgot all about it.


The first book in the series is Dark Lover and this sets out the main plot in all the other books. There is a vampire member (or soon to be) of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Which is an elite band of warriors who serve the vampire king and fight to defend vampire civilians against their enemies the Lessers. The vampire meets his true love and that’s either another vampire, or a half vampire or a human. They’ll try to get together but things/others get in the way or/and they start believing that the other one doesn’t actual want them. Often there’s some kind of falling out and then a resolving at the end where they do get together. There are also a number of subplots such as the war with the Lessers, the war with another band of warriors, random events that happen to members of the BDB. So it falls very nicely into the supernatural romance genre.


All the books have a third person narrative and can be split into two different points of view (POV); that of the BDB members and that of the Lessers/rouge vampires. The main narrative comes from the points of view of the hero and heroine. The sub narratives switch often. The first sub followers individual members of the BDB and creates something of a snap shot of what’s happening in their lives as a back drop to the main plot. The second sub is individual members of their enemies and gives a good look into plans/happenings within this area. In writing from so many characters’ view points readers will worry that they’ll become lost and forget who’s who, but Ward has actually pulled it off very nicely. She’s done this in a number of ways; firstly by giving each vampire his own book. Which means that we get the full story of each vampire in depth without having to get him mixed up with anyone else. Though the vampires basically go through the same romantic events, Ward has made them so different from each other that they all stand out. After I read the first three I was able to recognise each vampire by only a few words.


Secondly, Ward uses the second sub narrtive of the enemies to balance the novel out. Yes, it can get a bit triedsome having to read what a lesser character is secretly ploting when all you want to do is see if the lovers are going to make up. However, its nice to be taken out of that story sometimes and allowed to see what else is happening in the world. Thirdly, somehow the subplots and different POV don’t distract from the actual action. The narrative is written in such a style that the main plot doesn’t become drowned out by subplots and readers aren’t easily lost amongst plots and characters.


With this being the tenth book I’m finding it hard to talk about it individually, but I’ll properly go into more depth about it later. It’s easy to talk about the books as a whole series because they have so much in common and follow a linear larger plot. I really love this series and yes it does have something to with the whole vampire thing and the fact that it’s horror/supernatural/romance genre. But it’s also because of how Ward writes. Her use of narrative language, description and dialogue appeals to me greatly. But before I launch into that, let’s look at Ward’s vampires!


These vampires stand out because they are not your stereotypical vamps, though they do have some connects to typical vamps. Firstly, these vamps like to live in family groups and they can have children, though at a massive threat to the lives of the females and the young. Secondly, they can’t go out in the sunlight and I can’t actually remember if the reasoning behind this is stated (I read the first book three years ago and have read so much since then!) They are fine with religious symbols, garlic and stakes. They don’t sleep in coffins and they can’t turn into animals. They can only feed on a vampire who’s the opposite sex to them. The blood gives them nutrition, strength and allow them to heal faster. They can also eat and drink real food though. They have supernatural healing abilities which means that they can come back from near death injuries. They can also create a mist in which to hide from enemies, hide their homes or hide fighting scenes from the public. They also embrace technology; they have phones and computers, defensive tech, TVs, music, a range of cars and the latest med tech. They have a large range of weapon choice, but they all use guns and daggers. They also have their own language with the common words often appearing in the novels. Ward has a glossary at the back/front of the books which appears to get longer every time! But also you get use to these words and have to look up the translations less. They mate for life and have marriages, though a female can sometimes take on two males if she wants, but males get very over-protective of their females! They also have a Goddess who they pray too. The BDB vamps are warriors and take the description as such. They are often described as being very tall, muscular guys, seeming to fit the Greek warrior image more than that of stereotypical vamps. The other vampires do take on a more typical vamp image though.


The characters in the novels are all well written. My favourite happens to be Rhage the star of the second book which I read first and so got me into the BDB. Ward brings each character to life through their background stories- which can often be very sad-their descriptions and dialogue. All the main characters have a lot of depth to them and the reader gets to see them develop throughout their individual books. Afterwards or before their books they take something of a background check and though some things are touched upon the main develop is left in their own stories. This works well because you get interested in each character, you want to find out more about them and how their current behaviour has come about. Plus they don’t just disappear once their stories have been told.


I really like the heroines. All the women in these novels are strong, independent and capable of controlling their males. They have interesting back stories too and seem very realistic. Ward has also made such that they are matched up to their perfect lovers. And this comes across well as the characters easily compliment and complete each other. The development of the heroines mostly centres on their discovering and coming to understand love. Whilst the males often have to overcome their past or issues they currently have.


The other characters in the novels and yeah there’s a lot of them all feel realistic and well developed even if they are only background characters like the servants. This just brings the story more to life though and gives it added depth. It does work having characters like this because the reader is aware of them all the time without really knowing it. Plus also we don’t have to question what a character is doing there because we understand it from the narrative.


Ward uses a language relating to the New York setting of the novels. At times this slips into something of gangster style. Which I’ve to admit I’m not so keen on as I don’t think it adds anything to the novels. Swear words are common place and the vocabulary is adult, though it is a simple language that she uses throughout. The pace and flow of the language is great and it allows fast reading whilst soaking everything up. There’s no sudden jumping to different scenes as everything just flows nicely on. The dialogue she gives her characters is also very good. It feels real and you can image the characters actually saying those words. Ward gets a lot of emotions across in her dialogue, whilst still staying to the point. Some of the characters have accents, which does work fine because it’s only a handful of them and not everyone single one!


So finally, Lover Reborn is the story of Tohrment and No’One. Tohr’s character has long been established and readers have followed his recent tragic events. Now though he’s about to find love again with the most unlikeliest vampire! However, it does turn out that they are well suited for each other and they are able to rediscover love once more. Once they’ve gone through all the trials though! The subplot to this is one that started in the previous book that of the other band of warrior vampires. These guys are old fashioned, shunning technology and preferring to have very basic lives. They want to take over the BDB and plan to use the recent Lesser attacks to swing the civilian vampires into choosing them. The other subplot is that of an angel- Lassiter- trying to get back into Heaven by getting Tohr and No’One together. This novel’s main theme is all about letting go of the dead and learning to live and love again. I’m pleased to say like the other books it does have a happy ending!


Overall, I love this series and I’m so happy that there’s another book coming out! The novels are so well written, the characters good and entertaining, the plots work well and also sometimes they can keep you wondering about how it’s going to work out happy in the end, which is what I like. They work well as modern vampires too and Ward has made them unique enough. The language and dialogue is great and flows nicely. Ward has written some other singular books and also another series which is about angels. I’ve those books, but haven’t read them yet.


Next time I’m going to look at another series; The Lords Of The Underworld by Gena Showalter.

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Collborating Writing

Been almost a week since I last wrote, but I’ve been ill and busy. I’ve had lots of ideas for posts though and today I’ve picked to write about collaborating writing. This is due to the fact that I’m currently embarking on this myself with my boyfriend. So, I thought it would make an interesting post and get me in the mood to write some more. Also it’s about time I had a post on writing too! My last few ones have been focusing on my life and D&D. Which is understandable, since I’ve not been doing much writing since finishing my Diss. I hope that’s about to change now.

There are lots of different ways for writers to collaborate on writing. Too many to get into here, so I’m just going to talk about the main ways. It’s possible to see when work has been collaborated on as two authors names will appear on the front cover. This can get you wondering about how and why they decided to join forces. I like the idea of the manuscript being passed around and the writers each adding a chapter or changing things until it becomes a whole, but that sounds like a long process and could led to disagreements or unevenness appearing in different areas of the works. However, writers both doing some of the writing is common enough, though they probably take half the chapters each to achieve this.

One of the simple ways to collaborate is for the first writer to have the idea and the second writer to write it. This is what my boyfriend and I are currently doing. He came up with the basic plot and characters for a Darren Shan styled story and I am busy expending on his ideas and trying to write it. It’s proving a bit tricky because teenage novels are not my normal area-though they were when I first started writing-so it’s getting back into that mind set. This way does work well though, though all the work is left up to the second writer and the first comes up with most of the ideas. The first write may also do some editing as well and that can be mega useful to allow the writers to discuss things further.

Another way to collaborate is something I’ve been doing for the last 3 years with my friends and that was having them suggest ideas/events that could then appear in the writing. They also wrote the backgrounds for many of the characters and though most of this work didn’t appear in the finished novel it was still important to know. Having them read and edit the novel also helped, though they didn’t really do any of the writing. That was all down to me. This way works more if there is only one actually writer in the group and the others are just there to listen to ideas of to help redraft.

It’s not just novels and short stories that writers can work on together. Lots of TV and film scripts can have joint or secondary writers. Series writers (Normally there’s more then two writers and they sometimes can have guess writers too) also take it in turns to write different episodes, something that can be very noticeable- take Dr Who for example- sometimes, but this generally doesn’t effect the main characters or plot of the story. Series writers also have to work closer together to make sure that things are considered throughout and that the running background plot stays the same. This is a great way to work though as it gives each writer a chance to put different ideas out there and create spins on events that other writers might not have thought about. It’s also good for the audience as they get to experience a slightly different view or story that keeps them interested in the show.

Film scripts are less collaborated on than TV ones and when they make books into movies nearly 99% of the time a different writer will write the film script. There’s a whole list of reasons why this happens. Sometimes the book writer might have some influence or get ask how they’d like some represented but normally what you see in a movie is the scriptwriter’s and the director’s verison of things. Writing a script is actually easier then writing a novel, it types up a lot faster and needs less imagination to create. However, none of my ideas have really been suited to this formatting.

So, why do writers join together? Yeah, they can just write their own ideas and things, but sometimes it’s fun to work on projects with others and other writers can bring certain things to the work that might not have happened otherwise. Of course working with someone can have it’s problems. Everyone views the world different and no one really has the same ideas. It goes for readers too. Everyone has a different vision of Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins in their heads. So, how does a writer go about turning someone else idea into a novel without going off track and making it their own? It can be almost impossible to do this! But collaborating is just that, people getting together and creating something they can agree on. Luckily enough I’m actually working with another writer though he does scripts, but because of that he understands that I’m going to put my own spin on things and the visions in my head are going to be slightly different from his. This is an experiment though and we are both keen to see what’s going to happen.


Hi readers,

I’ve published my first self-published short story today and it’d be great if you could support me. ‘Dead Nick’ is available for download to Kindle at’s a short story about an office worker who starts hearing a voice in his head. I wrote it for an essay at uni and have rewritten it slightly for publishing. This is one of the short stories I’ve actually tried to get published in a magazine and on line but it was rejected for ‘not being what they were looking for at the time.’ Which is what happens to many stories entered to such places or even to actually publishing houses.

I was motive by my boyfriend to try self-publishing, though my parents have been going on about it for awhile. During my BA and MA self-publishing had mixed reviews from my tutors and visiting writers. Most thought it was actually a good thing to do and a way to get yourself out there. Some frowned upon it though and didn’t recommended self-publishing if you want to become a professional writer. It’s a problematic question for many writers trying get on the publishing ladder. Do they spend ages looking for the right place to send their work, packet/email sections with cover letters and wait for rejection replies? Or do they take the easy way out and self-publish? I don’t think they’ll ever be a clear answer to that question.

The traditional ways of writing and publishing have really changed in the last twenty plus years. The internet has helped a great deal with that and authors who wouldn’t have got a chance are now becoming popular because their work is more easy to access. Authors are also getting headhunted through their self-publishing online and their work is then being made into books, TV shows and movies. There’s so many examples of this and it’s growing all the time. Take the recent popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. That started as self-published fan fiction and was then rewritten into a self-published novel. The way people read has also changed so much due to the new technologies of kindles, ipads etc. People are now finding it easy to read and access books, magazines and the news from these devices. Still though the actual book is very much alive. Finding a replacement for the book format is hard and frankly not needed. This reminds me of Jasper FFords Thursday Next series. A very awesome and mind blowing series all about life in-between the pages of books.

The reason why I choice to self-publish though is because I’m at a cross roads in my life again. I’m not sure what I want to do now. I know my dream, but it feels far away and none of my novels are ready-in my view-to be published. Though sending off a few sample chapters is always something I can do. Right now my mind seems to be saying “get a job, get some experience of adult life and think about what you really want to do next.” Well, that might be just around the corner as I’ve an before interview meeting tomorrow in a call centre. (More on that later) I think I’m self-publishing as an experiment, to see if it would actually work for me and what other opportunities it would generate for me. I do feel proud of myself right now for actually doing it. Feels like a big step in the right direction.

I guess if things seem to be going well, I’ll start publishing some more short stories and wait to see what happens. I’m not really doing it for the money, though right now I’m really in needed of some!- one of the reasons why I’m currently looking at having ads on my blog. The big question will be if I decided to self-publish a novel and right now I’m slightly against this as I’d like to try and get it published the tradditional way first, but we shall see.

I choice to self-publish online because it’s free and faster then going to a company and getting them to do it. I also decided that though having a physical cope of my book, though it’s only a short story, would be good, it was properly a bad move at this stage to make. I’d have no idea what I’d have done with say 50 copies of my story to then try and sell myself, nor would having it on a website that printed on demand work. So by going through Amazon, a very well know company all over the world, felt the right thing to do. If self-publishing is the right move for me though is another thing and only time will tell on that one.

Lastly, it’s your final chance to get involved in the selection of next year’s books for World Book Night.’s a hundred titles to choice from or you can pick your own. WBN is something I’ve been supporting for the last two years and I’ve been a book giver both times now. It’s worth becoming a part of if you love books and want them to reach more people. So, vote for your favourites right now.

On The Job Hunt

So, today I finished my dissertation and one week tomorrow I’ll be handing it in. I’m really excited to have finished it now, but also a little sad because it now means that I’ve nothing else to do and I’ll have to face up to the true adult world and get myself a job. The step up from student-hood isn’t going to be easy, but I know it’s going to be just as exciting and fun, if I stay positive.
Problem is I know how hard it is to find a job, let alone your dream job! I spent the 6 months in between finishing my BA and starting my MA looking for one and had only rejection replies or heard nothing at all. Now, I face being back on that pile and stuck like most people in the vicious circle of being out of work, not finding anything, getting depressed, giving up, living off the dole, deciding to give it one more shot, still finding nothing and still being out of work.
I watch the news and know that there’s so little movement in the job market, that employers are only taken the best of the best, that now because they receive three times the number of applicants that they can offered to be so fussy in their choosing. Also people are not actually moving up or out of their current jobs, due to the lack of new jobs and people getting promoted. This means that there is hardly any openings and when a new job appears its a bit like a gold rush- everyone applying, but only some getting the reward (interview and job)- I know not a lot can be done about this issue and it’s all to do with the economy and money. Things that when you are young don’t bother you so much.
I think people fresh out of uni with a BA or MA are very employable. Perhaps we lack on experience, but we are very determined, easy to train, brighten up places, have new ideas and can bring so much into a work place that maybe an older person can’t. Like I said though, employers can now be so picky and it’s hard work making yourself stand out all the time. How else though can you get seen in a crowd of similar people?
When I write my CV I think of all the things I’ve already accomplished in life. My eduction doing an MA, getting a 2.1 in my BA, my A-levels, animal care, GCSEs. Years of eduction and hard work trying to prove that I can do things. My working as a student ambassador, guide and blogger, all those countless hours working at UCAS and HE fairs, open days, applicant days, school visits, writing posts about uni life and what I’ve been up to. Also volunteering in a charity shop for the last two years. My work experience, how I’ve over come difficult problems in dealing with people or having to do lots of things at once, working as a team and being a leader when called for, problem solving when I’ve to. My skills and hobbies, Writing- novels, short stories, poems, blogs, diaries, reading everything I can, editing, crafting, computers, being creative, gardening, cooking, pets, socialising, music, movies, history, nerd and dark things.
It’s surprising once written down, how much has happened and been achieved in life.
My dream job would be to become a full time novelist and be earning lots of money to live well. That’s a long, hard road and often full of disappointment, emptiness and loss of ones self before anything is truly accomplished. On reflection many writers wonder why they go down this road and a few give up even before they have fully started or after a few years. Most earn enough to become stable, but take on other jobs like teaching and editing to earn more, whilst the lucky few get to become famous and make thousands. I’ve never imaged myself in the lucky category, I think of myself has being almost the most. All I’ve ever wanted from my writing has been to share it with the world and for people to receive the same joy reading it as I’ve got out writing it. I’ve seen the money as a bonus, but not a way to survive.
Issue is I find myself questioning what else can I do. Writing is me, my life and world, without writing I feel like nothing. For whatever reason I feel that my place on the planet is to write and share stories, inspire others and perhaps make someone else’s world that little bit more special. Yes, I’ve lots of skills I can apply to other jobs with and maybe I’d make a good teacher or manger, but no matter what I do, writing shall always be a large part of me. With that I guess I better go and start the job hunt.

Monthly recommendations

Hey readers,

I’m still ill with a cold, but since I’m feeling a little better I thought I’d pop on here for a few. I also had a crazy thought just before I opened the first door on my advent calander this morning – documenting the count down! So yeah, I’m going to post the photo of my first chocolate further down- within the this month’s recommendations of course. I had so many ideas for this post then, but they’ll keep just about. I haven’t been thinking about the recommendations really, guess I’ve not been up to much, so let’s see!

1. Get counting down Christmas!

 December is here and the true count down to Xmas day can start. Though it feels the count down began in October/November for most people! I heard xmas songs on the radio this morning, but last week I’d watched a countdown of 50 xmas muisc vidoes anyway. I still believe though that’s only truely xmas when the advert for coke cola appears on TV. Though I’ve seen the Holland and Barret xmas advert that I ended up watching the making of in Manchester twice now. Anyway, here is the first advent chocolate!

My plan is post this up every day now, but I doubt I’ll keep it up!

2. Book

I started reading a new book the other day, though only having read a 100 pages, I’ve decided its not the one I’m going to suggested today. Actually, I’m recommending Marget Atwood’s Lady Oracle. I really enjoyed it and suprised myself with it. I actually have meet Atwood too, at World Book Night this year in London, but I’d not actually read any of her novels. I know I’ve to study this one for my course, but sometimes that’s the best way to descover books-so is recommending them to people! I don’t think that happens enough. So, why do I like this one? Well, its about a woman who is a writer- in secert- and she has to keep re-inventing herself. Some interesting stuff happens too.

3. TV

There are two TV series that I’m currently watching, but they did start last month. The first is a new series called The Fades, which is on BBC 3 and is about ghosts and other stuff. It’s scary and a different take on the supernatural. I like it though. Secondly, there Misfits, which is now the 3rd series, but you can watch all of it on 4 demand. It’s about teenagers who get superhero powers and have a lot of misahaps! What can be more funny?

Image Detail

4. Music

Has to be something Christmasy, so my fav xmas song is The Darkness’ Time  (Don’t Let The Bells end) and of course there’s a few old classic. So yeah, be a sheep and get those xmas cds out now!

5. Food

I think that most people love cooking at xmas time. I’ve not actually been doing a lot of this lately. I made pasta bake last night and my mum is busy perfecting the Parsnip and honey soup from last month. So, I think cooking some tasty xmas treats might be in order later this month, so watch this space.

So that’s it for now, but before I go here’s a clue to what my next post is going to be about!

A week or so in photos

Hey, I know I’ve not written in a while, but I’ve been so busy. I’ve no idea where the time is going! Today I was busy writing my first essay for my MA, its hard and though I’ve like got everything I need, the physical part of writing it has been my battle. I don’t get how I can write the first chapter of a novel in the space of maybe two hours or so, yet I can’t do a 2,000 word essay within 24 hours! So annoying. Anyway I only have 500 words left to do now and that is my task for tomorrow. So what else have I been up too? Well, I’ve a whole stack of photos to put up so let’s start there in the latest order:

Awesome ice cream, which I’ve been eating. Good job I got like 3 tubs of the stuff and no else in my family likes it!

I know its a bit blurry, but this squriall was in garden taking the nuts and then burying them in the lawn!

On Saturday, I went to my friend’s gig -she’s the lead singer- her band is called My Awakening and they were really good. They played my second fav style of music indie/punk kind and I got to hang around with her band afterwards too. They were playing in a bar called The Head of Steam, which is connected to Liverpool’s Lime Street train station. They play at lots of other venues in Liverpool too, so check them out on Facebook.

Then on Thursday, I went to Manchester for the first day of the Xmas market. It was pretty good and I’m hoping to go back soon and take some more photos.

I got some new boots too! They are a size too small though, but they were just so nice I couldn’t send them back.

Then lastly, I’ve been getting into the xmas spirit. I tried out the new gingerbread latte at my uni’s Starbucks. I’ve to say though there was too much ginger dusting in there for me!

And Krispy Kreams are also on the case!

There was a xmas tree too, but I got to eat the snowman!

That’s basically what I’ve been up too since last time I wrote. I’m currently reading Margaret Atwood’s Negotiating With The Dead, A Writer on Writing. It’s an interesting book and it’s different from most of the other books I’ve read about writing. It does seem to be a bout how to write and publish though, its more of an insight into life as a writer. I am liking it, though some of the theories are going over my head. I finished Lady Oracle two days ago and surprised myself because I really liked it. I read it fast too, because I got that in to it hopefully that’ll help if I’ve to write an essay on it! I’ve got no idea what I’ll be reading next – I’ll keep you updated though!

I’ve also decided to stick with writing my latest novel, which started as a short story, but then appeared to be better suited to a novel format. It was workshopped yesterday and people liked it, so for now I’m going to carry on writing and see what happens. I redrafted a short story too last night, though it still doesn’t feel write. It’s difficult to swap between the different forms sometimes. People think you can write everything and that’s not true. Once you find a format that suits you, you tend to stick to it. Though you might experiment with other forms, you’ll mostly always go back to the most suitable.

So for the next few days, I’ll be doing writing and reading, but I’ll also be exploring the attic. The electrics have gone up stairs and the only way to get us out of the ‘dark ages’ is to go into the attic and fix the wires. So that’ll be fun, as well as cleaning my room…..